Pinch Me

I say, “Somebody pinch me. Is this really happening?” A novel that has collected dust in my closet for more years than I want to admit is being published by Crimson Romance. I still can’t believe it, and much like a dream, at one moment is seems so real, and the next it’s like trying to grasp smoke. My characters in Love’s Destiny, Emily and Jonathon, will live and others will read their story and, I hope, fall in love with them as I have. And I am continuing their story in a sequel…if I just had the time to write it. You see, things have changed in the publishing world, and authors are now expected contribute to the marketing of their books.
I remember when my kids were toddlers first learning to walk. They teetered and tripped as they navigated their way around furniture, toys on the floor, and doorways. That’s how I feel right now. I am teetering around social media sites, this webpage and other technology that keeps me off-balance just enough to be determined to try harder. I think I’m up to three different facebook pages (four if you count the Timeline I just created in order to join Pinterest), plus Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, this website and now this blog. And there is something mesmerizing about all this. I find I am lost in it for hours; laundry languishes in the dryer (and sometime the washer – ugh) and we can be out of groceries for days as I explore the wide world of the world wide web. Thank goodness my husband Rich is a very understanding and supportive man.
In any event, I am very excited that my Dove Chocolate wrapper was right “You are where you are meant to be.” So back to my draft of Love’s Sprit to see what happens next in the lives of Emily and Jonathon.

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