What Galley Proofs Really Mean

Friend: What are you doing this weekend?

Me: Doing a final read through of my galley proofs for Love’s Destiny.

Friend: What does that mean?

Me to myself: It means that a life-long dream has finally come true. It means that the novel that sat on my closet shelf for as many years as my youngest child has walked the earth will be published. It means that someone believed in me, acknowledged me as a writer and affirmed me as an author. It means that my characters will live and laugh and cry and love in the minds and imaginations of others. It means that my thoughts and ideas will reach into the minds and hearts of my readers. My readers. It means that readers will bring their experiences to my book and weave that into their own story and create a new reality with words that I crafted. It means someone may laugh or cry or connect with my thoughts, and therefore on some cosmic level, with me. It means that I have finally birthed this creation I have loved. But it also means that I am finished birthing it, and since it is my first-born, the feeling is bitter-sweet. Mostly sweet.  Very mostly sweet. 🙂

Me aloud to my friend: It means I’ll be reading and editing all weekend.

Friend: That sounds grueling.

Me: Birthing is.

Friend: You’re weird.

Me: Of course. I’m a writer.

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    • I do, too! And I laugh! So glad you were able to comment, Lynn. You must know the secret handshake. My stats show many views, but no comments except from you, Kristina Knight and my husband Rich. Friends are trying to comment, but can't. What was your secret?

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