Meet Traci Douglass

I welcome Traci Douglass to my blog. 
Traci is a prolific writer, and the first two books of her Seven Seals series have been published by
Crimson Romance.

Welcome, Traci! Please tell us a little
about yourself.
I’m a Midwest native. I write Paranormal/Urban Fantasy &
Contemporary Romance. Books One and Two of my Seven Seals series are available
from Crimson Romance. I’m an avid animal aficionado, sappy quote lover & more
than occasional smartass.
Traci, many authors are self-decribed “pantsers”
or “plotters.” How would you describe your writing process? Do you outline? Let
the muse lead you? Or something else?
I started
out as a totally “pantser” with the first book, no outline or anything. Just an
idea and dream. I wrote the first draft of the first book in one month. Since
then, I’ve learned to be more of a planner. I try to make sure I hit all the
major plot points first and then fill in the gaps in between.
Being a romance writer can be tricky. How
do you handle spicy sex scenes and relatives? Are your family and friends
supportive or do they choose not to read your books because of their sensual
family and friends have been extremely supportive. And I do write romance. Sex
scenes should be expected, right? They have been forewarned. 🙂
Besides being tricky, writing can be
stressful. What food or beverages do you turn to while you are writing? Are you
a stress eater on deadline or a “lack of inspiration” eater when ideas are not
depending on the time of the month and the current workload. I will say though
that when I’m writing I usually lose all track of time and will miss meals
completely sometimes. It’s afterward, when I’m sitting on the sofa that the
cravings kick in.
Then there is the stress of edits. When
you get the edits back from your editor, how do you work through that process?
get them done. Once I sign the contract on the book, it’s theirs now. I’ve been
very lucky to work with awesome editors at Crimson and have not had any reason
to disagree with any of their suggestions.
Has writing changed how you read books
does make me more aware of how other authors craft their books, how they use
the rules or break them. And it’s made me much less tolerant of bad writing.
Do you work with a conference partner,
writer’s group or other organization? Where do you get support?
am a member of my local RWA (Romance Writers of America) group and they are an awesome source of support and
guidance to a newbie like me. I also have the most awesome critique partners
ever. Without their help I wouldn’t be where I am now.
What are you currently working on?
in revisions on the third Seal book and have the fourth book outlined and ready
to write. I’m also working to complete a new contemporary romantic comedy and
hope to find a home for that story soon. Then there’s my MFA (Master of Fine Arts) thesis project, a
hybid little monster of paranormal, romantic suspense, and a touch of horror.
You sound like a very busy person, Traci. Best of luck with your MFA and your Seven Seals series.Thanks
so much for being a guest on my blog.  

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17 thoughts on “Meet Traci Douglass

  1. Fun, interview, Traci! Love the question about friends and family's reactions–that's an issue sometimes. Yeah, pretty much, you simply have to say, "It's a romance novel, it's got sex in it–your choice to read it or not." Hugs, baby!

  2. Wow, you really ARE a busy lady!! Great interview, ladies!! I do the 'skip meals' thing too, though sadly I more than make up for it when I stop working..

    I LOVE your Crimson covers, they're awesome!

  3. Excellent post, ladies. Traci, the MFA alone is herculean work. Coupled with your other projects, no wonder you forget to eat. 🙂 I look forward to reading your novel (it's on my Kindle now!). May you have many sales!

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