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I welcome the delightful Laila Blake to my blog. Like my books Love’s Destiny and Love’s Spirit, Laila’s book By
the Light of the Moon
is also on sale for $1.99 through Amazon during July.
Welcome to my blog, Laila! Please tell us a little about yourself.
Of course, thank you for having me! My name is Laila
and I was born and raised in Germany. After studying

translating, I went into
teaching English to adults for a while, but it turned out to be rather
detrimental to my emotional health. So currently, I freelance as a translator
dreaming of making it as an author.

I live alone with my cat in a small flat in Cologne
and I am a pretty nerdy person: I love Doctor
and Game of Thrones as well
as Community and Parks & Rec, I scour the internet for indie folk singers and
get all too addicted to social media and weird little research projects.
are a woman of varied interests in addition to being a published author! How
did you celebrate the publication of your first book?
haven’t yet. My father brought over sparkling wine and I didn’t drink it – we
had tea instead. I once listened to a James McAvoy interview that I very much
connected to: he said that for the first few years of his career – and in a way
still – he always felt as though none of it felt real or stable, like he was
just waiting for someone to pull the rug out from under him, laugh and shove him
back where he came from. Just as though celebrating or believing would jinx it
somehow. I am not a superstitious person, but I haven’t yet felt safe enough to
celebrate if that makes any sense at all.
surely does make sense.  I admit to some
of those feelings myself! Speaking of feeling unsure about things, how do you
handle spicy sex scenes and relatives? Are your family and friends supportive
or do they choose not to read your book because of its sensual nature?
I have to admit – I have a killer advantage. As I am
a native German, my family has a really hard time reading my novels in English.
So I don’t have to worry about every single thing or choice of kink etc.
However, they know there is erotic material in my
novels and that I write erotic short-stories for various anthologies and it’s
pretty much a non-issue. My grandmother is an artist who did nudes, my mother
does art around vulvas from time to time and I don’t feel like it is a
particularly taboo subject in my family.
like you have a wonderfully open-minded family! Has writing changed how you
read books now?
To be fair I have been writing in one way or another all my life so this has
been a happening for a long time. Reading has been a learning opportunity for
me for a long time but never more than now. And I learn from the ones I dislike
just as much as from the ones I adore, reading is education and joy at the same
time. Even a book I dislike gives me ideas for blog posts or helps me
understand what it is that they are doing exactly so that I can avoid it.
there an aspect of writing that you favor over others, e.g. dialogue,
exposition, description of a scene, setting, or character, etc.? Is there one
that is more difficult for you?
can’t think of anything in particular that I favor – mostly it’s in the
balance, isn’t it? If I had to write five pages of only dialogue I would stop
enjoying it as much as I do. There is one aspect, however, that will never
cease to challenge me more than any other: action sequences. It’s just
something that I am not particularly interested in – in movies, that’s when I
reach for the drinks or check my emails and if, by chance, they cropped up in a
book I read, I tended to skim over them. So now I have to figure out how this
stuff works – this is probably one reason why I prefer to settle conflict
through diplomacy.
you work with a conference partner, writer’s group or other organization? Where
do you get support?
I do have a writing partner. She is my best friend
and a wonderful writer to boot. By the
Light of the Moon
is actually dedicated to her because her support has been
so absolutely essential to the completion of my first novel.
We read each other’s manuscripts, ask each other for
support, give each other that burst of upbeat hope when we feel down – and we
also co-write some of our stories.
are you currently working on?
just finished editing the second part of my Lakeside Series – the sequel to By the Light of the Moon and now I am editing
a co-written erotic romance, writing an erotica romance novella and a YA piece.
is the best piece of advice about writing that you ever heard or read? What
would tell aspiring writers today?
Don’t rest on genre expectations of mediocrity. I am
still working on this myself because it’s not easy, but I truly believe it is
the only way for me and us writers in general to make a difference. I read a
lot of reviews that can be summed up as “I hated xyz because I expected
something else,” and this both saddens and inspires me. Don’t stop searching
for ways to surprise just because it’s risky – it keeps your mind and
creativity alive.
Also: read outside your chosen genre. Read, read,
read in general but don’t fall into the trap of just reading what you want to
And third: Know the market, love the market, work
the market. We live in really exciting times where the publishing industry is
changing forever. We can be part of this engine of change or we can sit there
and grumble until it leaves us behind.
I am going to listen to your advice as I work on my current
novel that is not fitting easily into any one genre.  Thanks so much for visiting with me
today.  I wish you the best success with
your writing.
Contact Laila at:
Website: www.lailablake.com
Twitter: @LailaJBlake
Facebook: LailaBlakeAuthor
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  1. Great interview! I could relate to that feeling of instability. For a while after getting word that my first book would be published, I watched my email for a note telling me that they changed their mind or it was meant for someone else. There's that undercurrent of fear that it'll be taken away.

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