Trisha Harner CreatesHer Heart’s Desire

Today I am so pleased to
welcome my friend Trisha Harner to my blog. You will be energized by her in a
minimum of two sentences…I guarantee it! She is a contributing writer in the
book Bold is Beautiful. Trisha, please
tell us about yourself.
I am a creative juju instigator, and champion of your heart’s
desire. I know you have the mind blowing, heart pumping, DNA changing ability
to create change in your life.  As a trained Visioning ® coach and
instructor I teach women how to use their God-given tools, their brains and
hearts to overcome the blocks that stop them being, doing, and creating what it
is they desire to experience in life.  I’m a mother, daughter, wife and
friend who is passionate about creating my own over all well-being, rocking
relationships, and life’s work.  And I love to write.  It’s my art.
 It’s the place I go where time slips away; I can’t imagine my life
without being able to write.

And I know this is true because I just had a session with Trisha
that showed immediate results in my success as an author! Tell us about the
most interesting thing that has happened to you as a writer
One day I was lying on
the couch in a real funk. I was considering giving up on my dream of becoming a
published author. Seriously, I was starting to listen to that inner mean voice
that was telling me to give up, go back to an old job that I had left two years
earlier and get real about my life again.  That I didn’t have it in me to
be a real writer, let alone become published.  Then all of the sudden
there was a knock at the door. I opened it up and found a legally blind elderly
lady at our door who had lost her way home while out for a walk on a very
blustery March afternoon.  I quickly grabbed my coat and shoes to escort
her home.  She lived just a block up the street, she had for decades, and
this was the first time I met her.  I found out later she had been walking
in our neighbor every day, while legally blind, for years.  As we walked,
very slowly, toward her home we started to chat. When I asked her name she
declared, “Why I’m Dorothy Yates and I am a writer!”  The sidewalk faded
as time stood still, and I nearly stopped in my tracks. The chances of her
finding my front door at that very moment I was going to surrender to my inner
mean voice, well, even my family knew it was a sign from the Universe to not
give up on my dream.        
Having a writer like Dorothy Yates show up at your door is definitely a sign from the Universe! How did
writing a book change you or change how you look at the world?
Dreams do come true. Now
I knew this, but it affirmed my knowing that when we know what our heart
desires, when we can feel it to our core, we have to honor that, and trust the
way will be shown. The opportunity to be a part of Bold is Beautiful dropped out of the sky and when it appeared I
knew to say YES!  It became a #1 best-selling international book almost
overnight.  Now that rocks.    
What is the biggest chance you’ve taken as a writer? How did that
work out?

The piece I wrote for the
book was a risk.  It is a very personal story that includes my husband and
his mother.  I wasn’t sure how my husband would perceive what I had
written, and I had already submitted it to the editor.  There was turning
back, unless I pulled out completely from the project.  I finally had him
read it, a few weeks before it was released.  I hid in the closet waiting
for his reaction.  He found me, hugged me and told me he was proud of me.
 Phew…now that was a true testament to following what your heart desires.
 When you are aligned with your heart, everything turns out for the best
for everyone involved in your life.  It was worth the risk, and I’m beyond
thrilled with how it turned out!
That is amazing! Often fear of how others will react to what we
write holds us back. What courage you had to be true to yourself. Do you keep a
notebook in your pocket, briefcase, purse, or on your bedside table to write
down ideas that come to you right away so you don’t forget them?  Have any
of these ideas developed into a successful piece?
Oh my gosh!  I
always think up ideas in the shower…so many  times I’ve scooted through
the house in a towel dripping wet to my office to write it down or get on the
computer to add the idea to my files I have saved in Word.   I know I
could keep a notepad nearby but this works best for me.  Also while I am
out walking…the juju starts to flow.  So it is always good for me to take
time for an afternoon walk and come back to writing after it.
I know! I always get ideas while walking. For your non-fiction
book, what most inspired you about writing this book?  A person or people?
A place? Something else?
My daughters, hands down,
inspired me to follow through with this dream to become a published author. The woman I write about in my piece was their grandmother and she taught
me loads about going after what it I am craving to experience in life.
 All the women I meet and have in my life, including my mother, are my
inspiration to continue writing and reaching new dreams for writing more books.
What books have influenced you as a writer?  
The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  I had always, since
childhood, dreamed of becoming published.  But in my early 20s I set that
dream aside and got on with life.  After some rude awakenings in my life
that showed me I was not on my right path, I discovered this book. I
reconnected with my creative self and together we rekindled my desire to write.
 I accepted that I needed to write in order to feed my soul.  I was
able to start calling myself a writer during my experience with The Artist’s Way, and started my first
blog.  I am forever grateful for Julia Cameron and this book.
Trisha, what a delight to visit with you today. I know that I am energized any time I have the pleasure to spend time with you. I wish you great success with this book and those that will follow, and with your Vision Coaching workshops.
Bio:  A #1 International Best Selling author and
Certified Vision Coach, Trisha Harner is the founder of It’s Your Life,
Create It!
Through workshops and one-on-one coaching, she
helps people tap into their authentic creative selves – creating empowering
self-awareness and positive changes in careers, health, and relationships.
Organizations, entrepreneurs, families, and individuals benefit from her proven
methods for opening up creative centers and integrating the right and left
brain. Her clients are guided to find their true desired goals and work toward
these visions.
She’s studied under
Lucia Capacchione, PhD, ATR, REAT, originator of Creative Journal Expressive
Arts (CJEA) and Visioning®. A Certified CJEA Instructor, Harner lives in
Midland, Michigan, with her husband and two teenage daughters.  
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15 thoughts on “Trisha Harner CreatesHer Heart’s Desire

  1. What a wonderful interview. I love the way life drops little gifts on your doorstep (literally, in your case) which tell you all is well and life is bursting to give you what you want. Your work sounds fascinating, Trisha, as does your writing. Thanks for sharing with us today.

  2. Hi Joanna! You're welcome! Yes, life is always bursting to give! And being able to receive is all the universe wants back in return. Helping others to create their heart's desires rocks my heart's desire. If you get a chance, connect with me on my above links, I'd love to feel what your heart desires to experience next if life! Thank you, I'm so delighted you commented. Peace, Trisha

    • Oh Lynn, I know that might-as-well-give-up wave all too well. One other woman influenced me as a writer as well. An Artist's Way sister told me one day, "Trisha, write because you love it, nothing else matters." I tear up at that memory now. It's true, thrilled as I am to have been published, just writing is what matters most. And helping others follow what their heart desires lights me up too! Thank you so much for connecting. Keep on creating!

    • Deborah, Dorothy Yates is a legend in our community, and the few times I was with her were inspiring. To have her show up at Trisha's door as she did was definitely a sign from the Universe. I love that story 🙂

  3. Oh, thank you Deborah. Dorthy Yates will be forever with me in spirit as I continue on my journey as a writer and following all my heart's desires. I love sharing this truly magically story with others. May all your heart desires rock your world!

  4. You are inspiring, Trisha. Thank you for sharing your story. I loved this line in particular: When you are aligned with your heart, everything turns out for the best for everyone involved in your life.

    And I loved Julia Cameron's The Artist Way. I been to her lecture and have gone through her book twice with a group of friends. Very inspiring.

  5. Thank you Sharon. Delighted to inspire you and I love the fact that we are Artist Way sisters! I haven't seen Julia in person yet, but I intend to. I've written to her though and expressed my deepest gratitude for her art. It is my hope that your heart is aligned, and all your heart desires fill you up! It is truly the best. Deep bow for connecting.

  6. Sharon, it was during my Artist's Way class that I heard "Leap and the net will appear." A few years later I retired from teaching earlier than planned and began my career as a writer. Love Julie Cameron! You are so lucky to have attended her lecture!

  7. Anne McGeehan-Woodard says:

    My supreme admiration goes out to both of you Betty and Trisha. Having been an Artist Way sister to both of you I've seen how your put-on-the-shelf dreams of writing got taken out, dusted off and set into the sunlight of creativity. Now you both are published and on a fantastic role of self fulfillment. Your energy is boundless. Gives me inspiration and a glimmer of hope that even at my age there may still be "something else" I can accomplish and produce. Love to both of you. Thanks!!!

  8. Dear Anne, Thank you for your kind words and admiration. Please know that it's mutual. As a fellow Artist Way sister you've been a 'believing mirror' to me since the day I met you. And your growth and creative awakenings have spurred me to follow to my own heart. Truly, the words, 'you're never too old' carry me forward in creating present and future heart desires (there is always 'something else'). So grateful to you, Betty and all those reading this post…nothing can be created alone, what an exciting time for us all!

  9. Anne, You were with me when I "took the leap and the net appeared". Your support and encouragement were instrumental in the realization of my dream. You said I could do it and helped me believe that I could, and I will always be grateful for that. Trisha, you have been a part of my journey, too.The admiration and respect is mutual. I love the way we women empower one another!

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