A Chat with Author Marie Patrick

I welcome author Marie Patrick to my blog. Marie’s book, A Treasure Worth Keeping is one of the 10 included in the historical
romance bundle, Time After Time which
also includes Love’s Destiny.
Welcome, Marie! Please tell us a little about yourself.
Thank you so
much for having me on Meyette’s Musings
and to answer your question, I’m a wife, mother, dog lover, friend…oh wait, you
don’t want to know that. I’m an author! Yup! I’ve been writing since I was
fourteen. At first, I wrote little stories about what I wanted my life to be
like when I grew up and then the most amazing thing happened…I read my first historical
romance. From that moment on, I wanted to write stories about history and the
people who lived in times past. 

can relate to that since it was Kathleen Woodiwiss’s The Flame and the Flower that hooked me. How would you describe
your writing process? Do you outline? Let the muse lead you? Or something else?
I’m what I call a puzzler. I don’t have an outline
(at least not one like we were taught in school), but I do list plot points I
want to include in the story. Once I have those, I add in a tidbit or two from
research that I found interesting, and then, if all works as it should, the
words begin to flow (or not flow as the case may be). If I’m having a problem
finding those words, but another scene from later in the story comes to me,
I’ll write that then puzzle it all
together. It works for me. I’m sure it would drive someone else crazy.
is your research process like? Do you enjoy it?
I love researching! I like nothing better than to go
down to the Burton Barr library here in Phoenix and stroll

among the stacks of
books for a pleasurable afternoon (I always come home with more books than I
can comfortably carry!). And the internet is wonderful for research. I can’t
tell you how many hours I’ve been lost in the ether-net finding one fascinating
fact or another. Since I write historical novels, I like to pepper information
about the period I’m writing about into my stories so my readers feel like they
are there in that time and place.

food or beverages do you turn to while you are writing? Are you a stress eater
on deadline or a “lack of inspiration” eater when ideas are not flowing?
I must have coffee! With a little French Vanilla
creamer, please. And yes, I’m a stress-eater AND a “lack of inspiration” eater (truthfully, I just like to eat).
At those times, I like chocolate. Or potato chips. Or pistachio nuts. Or….well,
the list just goes on…..
and green tea are my go-to remedies! Is there an aspect of writing that you
favor over others, e.g. dialogue, exposition, description of a scene, setting,
or character, etc.? Is there one that is more difficult for you?
I love description. I want my readers to see what my
character is seeing, feel what my character is feeling in a scene. And I can
get a little wordy (my critique partner is really good at letting me know when
I’ve become lost in the description….a little goes a long way if it’s done
right). The most difficult thing for me to write is dialogue, which is really
strange, because I can talk a blue streak!
you work with a critique partner, but do you also belong to a writer’s group or
other organization? Where do you get support?
I belong to the local chapter of Romance Writers of
America here in Phoenix (Valley of the Sun chapter). A more supportive group of
people I’ve yet to find. My critique partners are wonderful too and I couldn’t
do this without them. And of course, there is my DH…he doesn’t read what I
write, but he sure helps with the research part of it!
says research isn’t fun? What are you currently working on?
I’m working on the first book in a historical
western trilogy (what can I say? I love the old west). I’m also working on a
sequel to a story published last year and a couple others in various stages of
construction. The brain is never silent and neither are the characters who talk
to me.
hear voices, too? So glad I’m not alone. Do you keep a notebook in your pocket,
briefcase, purse, or on your bedside table to write down ideas that come to you
right away so you don’t forget them? Have any of these ideas developed into a
successful piece?
There is always a notebook in my purse because you
never know when something will strike you and I have sticky-note pads all over
the house for the same reason (love those sticky-note pads….best invention
ever!) In most cases, the notes I jot down have to do with the story in
process, but sometimes, there is that lovely germ of an idea that just takes
off! I love when that happens!
is the best piece of advice about writing that you ever got or read? What would
tell aspiring writers today?
What would I tell aspiring writers? Keep writing. If
it’s your passion (as it is mine) and your salvation (as it is mine), keep
writing. Even if no one ever sees what you write, even if you get no support,
even if….well, you get the picture. Just keep writing.
advice! It’s been such a pleasure to have you as my guest today, Marie. I wish
you great success.
Thank you so
much for having me!
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5 thoughts on “A Chat with Author Marie Patrick

  1. Hi Marie. Have you ever been frustrated trying to find some fact you need for one of your historicals? One of the reasons I read historicals is I love learning more about a particular period of history while enjoying the romance 🙂

  2. Yes, I've become frustrated, but my biggest problem is finding one little fact that leads me to another and another until I've lost hours on the internet! Thanks for stopping by, Alexis!

    • I had an issue with a slogan I wanted to use in The Cavanaugh House. I wanted a character to say, "You've come a long way, baby," but it was June 1968 and that ad campaign wasn't launched until July 1968. One month!!! But I wouldn't use it in that scene (even though it was perfect). I was able to use it later in the book. I think authenticity is imperative in historicals. Thanks for stopping by, Alexis!

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