Embracing the “One Little Word” Challenge

My friend Lisa challenged me and our friend Tina to consider the “One Little Word” challenge. This idea is the brainchild of Ali Edwards who in 2006 began to chose one word each January that

One of Ali’s One Little Word Projects

would be her focus for that year. While I am not taking part in her workshop because I am in the midst of revision for my next novel, I accepted my friend Lisa’s challenge to think of a word that could be my focus for 2015.

Embracing my beautiful daughter, Kate
While I was watching Ali’s video about her workshop, my word came to me as surely as if someone (Boris?) whispered it right into my ear. Embrace. That is my word for 2015. I will embrace my loved ones, as always. But I will also embrace the present moment. I will embrace success, and I will embrace failure. I will embrace revision and editing.I will embrace opportunities, trials, even this darn head cold I have right now.
How am I embracing this head cold? Instead of feeling sorry for myself as I sniffle, cough, sneeze and shiver my way through the day, I am trying to relax (my friend Lisa’s word) into the extra rest and sleep that I know I need. Instead of fighting it by overexerting myself, I

Embraced by my beloved, Rich

am trying to honor (my friend Tina’s word) the extra care I need right now. So instead of cursing the darkness of self-pity and despair, I am lighting the candle of embracing the moment whatever it brings. Do I sound painfully cloying? Perhaps. But I think it’s a better coping mechanism than “poor me” which usually would be my default right about now.

I suspect my word embrace will have far more positive application than negative throughout the year. What I hope is that it will make me more mindful of the present moment, more grateful for the many blessings in my life and more accepting of the lessons always taught in the face of challenges.


What word you would choose? I would love to know.
Author’s note: After writing this post I learned of the unexpected death of a friend who was a loving husband and father and gifted musician. I must also embrace sorrow today.


10 thoughts on “Embracing the “One Little Word” Challenge

  1. My word for 2015 will be Balance – I've been on a roller coaster of logic and emotion for the past two years and I need to get off the ride. I need to balance work and home life, balance breathing with deep, cleansing breaths, balance sleep with my busy days, balance patience with stress.

  2. I love this, Elizabeth, great words from everyone. I am in the midst of change right now on many levels. Yesterday, a friend mentioned he's taking a course in transformative studies, and I thought, that's it. Change isn't quite the right word, transformation is better. So that's my word for 2015, I wish to consider perceptions, beliefs, emotions, physical spaces to name a few and transform.

  3. I love this Betty! I've been choosing a word for a few years now. Last year it was GLOWY. I wouldn't do anything that didn't lead to that feeling of warmth from within, indicating to me that I was on the right path. It was huge, transforming indeed! It lead to this years word – FLOWING. My intention is to keep the glowy feeling moving effortlessly and smoothly throughout the New Year. I love your word and I send you many embraces! May your New Year feel warm, safe and full of love!

    • Trisha, I love both of your words and how one influenced the other. I found that "embrace" doesn't just mean what I am embracing, but allowing others to embrace me. Composing a blog about that 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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