Exotic Islands and Romantic Sites Inspire Nancy Loyan’s Romance Novels

My friend Nancy Loyan and I
have been traveling a similar author journey with a similar author process.
Like me, along the way Nancy’s written a book or two…or more. Welcome, Nancy!
thank you for having me as a guest on your fabulous blog. Let’s see, I have
been writing ever since I began composing picture books for friends in
elementary school. Writing is something that I’ve always done, like breathing.
I did not major in creative writing, however, but hold a BSBA in marketing from
John Carroll University. My background in sales, marketing and public relations
has proven very important, as being an author is a business. I was a freelance
writer for a number of years working for trade, local and national
publications, specializing in construction, architecture, antique safes and
special interest before focusing on books. I am the author of Cleveland, Ohio: A Photographic Portrait and
On the Threshold of a New Century: The
City of South Euclid, 1967-1999.
My first novel was Paradise Found, published with InnerVision books and, later,
self-published.  I have several novels with Crimson Romance
(F&W Media): Lab Test, Hearts of
Steel, Wishes and Tears, The Right Combination and Special Angel
. With my
newest novel, Champagne for Breakfast, a
novel I had the rights reverted from my publisher, I am seriously entering the
realm of self-publishing.  I am currently
working on my next novel, to be published this summer, just in time for my
return to The Chautauqua Institution In New York State where I will be
instructing a course in romance and women’s fiction writing.
You are quite a prolific writer! Talk to
us about your latest novel. What was the first seed of an idea you had for this
book? How did it develop?
first draft of Champagne for Breakfast
was penned when I was seventeen. Through the years it has gone through many
incarnations, culminating in the novel it is today. When I was seventeen, I had
the vision of my hero, Philippe, as a handsome, worldly and successful
architect. With his salt and pepper hair, dashing good looks and intelligence,
he was the epitome of my ideal man. Natasha, my heroine, was the beautiful and
successful ideal of myself. She was what I had wanted to be. After all, I was
tall, skinny and attractive and had pursued a fashion modeling career. However,
in a world smitten with blonde Cheryl Tiegs lookalikes, I was not successful. And,
yes, my novel was set in the 1970’s because that was my era at the time. Now,
it is considered “Historical.”
novel begins in Cleveland, Ohio because that is my hometown. Though its
reputation has improved, it has been one of the most underrated cities in the
country and is in a perpetual “comeback.”  I also incorporated New York City because it was
a place that I was familiar with. From birth to the age of eighteen, I had
traveled to New Jersey and Queens, New York to visit my mother’s siblings. As
the years progressed, my novel grew in breadth and scope. I added Paris and
Chartres, France … My two favorite destinations in the world. I have never felt
more at home and alive than in these two cities.
I love how your novel expanded and
deepened as you experienced more of life. Experts always say, “Write what you
know.” How would you describe your writing process? Do you outline? Let the muse
lead you? Or something else?
I am
a “pantser,” which means that I write by the “seat of my pants.” I begin with
characters, an idea, a beginning and an end. The story evolves as I write it.
Thus, I would have a difficult time selling on proposal because my
synopsis/outline would be very sparse. I can be taking a bath, driving or
getting ready to sleep when an idea strikes. I have written novels that began
with dreams. And, yes, I hear voices! My characters provide me with their names
and have a habit of giving me ideas and plot twists. Trust me, it’s a writer
thing. 😉
Not only do I trust you—I’m the same
way! My daughter gave me “AquaNotes” as a Christmas gift so I could jot ideas
that come to me in the shower. I’ve used them several times already! What is
your research process like? Do you enjoy it?
love to research. Okay, I have to admit that the research conducted on my
published novels has mostly involved travel. I have used some of my favorite
travel destinations as the settings of my novels. Paradise Found is set in the exotic Seychelles Islands, where Kate
and Wills honeymooned. I accompanied my husband on a photography shoot there
for three weeks. As he worked creating architectural photographs of resorts, I
was able to explore this remote Garden of Eden. Paris, France is my favorite
cosmopolitan city. Of course, I had to incorporate it into Champagne for Breakfast. I have written about places I am not
personally familiar with like Pittsburgh (Hearts
of Steel)
and San Francisco (my time travel Wishes and Tears). I follow the adage, “Write what you know or what
you want to know.” Because I have written about and collect antique safes, I
wrote about the industry in The Right
What wonderful travel opportunities
you’ve had! Seychelles Islands sounds very romantic. Speaking of romance, how
do you handle spicy sex scenes and relatives? Are your family and friends
supportive or do they choose not to read your books because of their sensual
boy! Yes, my novels are sensual with an appropriate love scene or two. My 96
year-old mother, when given one of my books, told the relatives that my books
have sex in them! I think that all she did was page through to the sex scene!
Actually, relatives and friends have viewed my scenes as just part of life.
When my husband read my novels I thought that he’d have a lot to say but he
just accepted the scenes as no big deal. Phew!
That’s great. My daughters have read my
romance novels, but not my son. He was so happy when I wrote a mystery so he could
finally read one of my novels. Has writing changed how you read books now?
I have become a bit of an editor. I look for the story arc, goal, motivation,
conflict, setting, characterization etc. and look out for discrepancies and
proof read. I have been known to use a red pen to edit, even in library books.
Okay, as a former English teacher and
librarian, that last remark kind of gave me the shivers. What kind of response
do you get when you tell people you are an author?
get one of two responses. Some people think that I’m a celebrity and get all
excited. Others pooh-pooh it and say that anyone can write and that they have
an idea for a book and that it will be a best seller. No kidding!
Yes, that’s what I often get, too. But
I believe everyone has a book in him. Having said that, what was the best piece
of advice about writing that you ever got or read? What would tell aspiring
writers today?
highly recommend Stephen King’s autobiography and advice book, On Writing. I truly believe it to be the
best and most realistic book on the profession. A writer/author must read and
write. The best advice that I would give a writer/author is to get that book
out of your head and on paper/computer. If you write one page per day, you will
have a completed book in a year. The secret is … WRITE!
Amen, Sister! I love Stephen King’s
book and agree that it should be on every writer’s shelf. Thanks so much for
spending some time with me today. I wish you all best, Nancy!
Visit Nancy’s website at www.NLSScribe.com
Champagne for Breakfast is available exclusively
on Amazon as an e-book for now … 

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    • What a great title! My mystery, The Cavanaugh House, is set in 1968 – almost the 70s – and it's fun to write about times past when the conveniences we have today (like cell phones) weren't available.

  1. Nancy is having technical difficulties so has been unable to respond to each post. I told her I would pass on her comments. She wanted to tell Deb that she's too kind and that I'm humbled.
    She thanked me for hosting her.
    She thanked all of the ladies for their lovely thoughts.

  2. Great interview Nancy and Elizabeth. You really got into my headset. I am a panther "big time". Nancy you've covered a lot of things that authors go through. Thanks. I am also in the same RWA Chapter as Nancy and Becky.

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