How Many Shades of Gray?

BathroomCaveat: this post has nothing to do with a book with a similar title, or with sex or even romance. Well, wait; there might be a little romance as I’m falling in love with the idea of a remodeled bathroom.


When Rich and I bought our house, we knew we’d be updating it starting with my bathroom. (Yes, we have two full bathrooms so we each have our own.) Mine is the original 1967 blue tile that many of us grew up with, though yours might have been pink, lavender, or yellow. Okay, so my moral dilemma is whether or not to demo the blue tile. Here are the arguments:


it’s in perfect condition – it’s old and dated

the retro look is back, and this looks cool – it’s old and dated

as a good steward of the environment should I destroy perfectly good tile? – it’s old and dated.


I have gone back and forth in my conscience about this, no kidding. When I finally reconciled myself to demo the tile, the designer we met with saw a picture of the bathroom as it is and loved the blue tile throwing me back into my guilt-ridden conscience. But it’s old and dated- the tile, not my conscience.


floor tilesAfter visiting a Home Remodeling Show and looking at bathrooms in magazines and online, I knew I wanted my bathroom to be gray. Sounds simple enough – gray is gray, right? Au contraire, mon ami. There actually are fifty shades of gray, maybe 50,000. Some are greener, redder, bluer, yellower. And you know what else? Gray might be bluer in the morning light and browner in the afternoon light. We discovered this when we painted our last house in preparation for putting it on the market.


So the next time you are having a gray day, or find a gray hair, or look at a gray sky, don’t despair. What a gift! Now you can determine just what shade of gray it is. The possibilities are almost endless. Trust me on this one.

P.S. Gray looks brown in these pictures, doesn’t it? I rest my case.


6 thoughts on “How Many Shades of Gray?

    • Elizabeth Meyette says:

      You understand exactly what I mean, Patricia. But I think white subway tiles with gray grout will look great! So out with the old.

  1. Now you’ve got me thinking about my bathroom tile! But I’ve been wanting to replace it for a few years now. I like all those gray colors, but it does make it hard to choose. Hope yours turns out beautiful.

  2. I love that you’re honoring your heart’s desire to embrace a new bathroom. And personally I love gray!!! Wonderful choice. I too am decorating more with that color. I just painted our white dining room table gray, and I am getting ready to paint our white built in’s gray too! I love the white subway tile with gray grout as well. As far as the gray hair is concerned, I’m sprouting more and more each week -I’m still getting used to this shade! Have a blast decorating!

    • Elizabeth Meyette says:

      I hear gray hair is in right now, even for teens. Your dining room is going to look lovely, Trisha. We are having fun shopping for all the elements we need to redo this bathroom. But, wow! the time and energy it takes! I don’t know how people build and have to plan the entire house! I am embracing this remodel…in fact, I’m passionate about it LOL

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