My WIP is RIP v.2

Two months ago I wrote about abandoning my WIP Buried Secrets, the sequel to The Cavanaugh House. While the decision wasn’t easy, with a little help from Elizabeth Gilbert and her latest book Big Magic, I was at peace when I packed up my manuscript, notes and critiques and put them on the top shelf of my office closet. Little did I know that as I was packing one book away I was unpacking new opportunities for two others.


When a negative review is a good thing

book criticWhy is it if we get ten compliments and one criticism, it’s the latter that plays over and over in our minds? I currently have 206 reviews for The Cavanaugh House, yet one that sticks in my brain was a one star review grumbling that there were too many editorial mistakes that interfered with the readers enjoyment of the book. What? This book had been read by numerous beta readers, edited by several professionals, but alas, the reviewer was correct. While I’ve caught mistakes in even the most noted author’s books, when I went back into The Cavanaugh House, there were still some, too many to let pass. And, ultimately, I have the final read to perfect the book. So I corrected every mistake I could find (mostly commas, of course) and had my book professionally formatted again. Thanks to that reviewer who challenged me to make my book the best it could be.


When “The End” is not the end

Rumbling around within me was the knowledge that I had at least one more job to complete with The Cavanaugh House. After editing and uploading my error-free book, I researched how to publish it as an audiobook. ACX, Amazon’s audiobook TCH Audiobook Cover - TCH3self-publishing program, was easy to understand and provided a contract between author (rights holder) and narrator (producer). When my producer began to narrate the book, she found a few more mistakes. Back to editing and paying—yet again—to have my book formatted. But it was worth it because I don’t want my readers to be bothered by errors that detract from my story.






A New Beginning

9781440567049Abandoning Buried Secrets allowed me to listen to some different characters who had been chattering away at me for a while. It was time to tell the story of Andrew Wentworth and Jenny Sutton, secondary characters in Love’s Spirit. They had been stuck in the opening scene of Love’s Courage, which I wrote last year, Jenny sailing for Boston on the Destiny, Andrew calling her name from the end of the wharf. They wanted to resolve this separation, and why wasn’t I getting on with it?


A Win-Win

Bottom line is, abandoning Buried Secrets has been a win-win for me. My audiobook will release on April 4, and Love’s Courage, my third historical romance, will release later this year. And that’s when I plan to get back to Buried Secrets. It will have been buried long enough.


Tell me about a writing struggle you’ve had that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Or tell me about a struggle that didn’t turn out but taught you something about our craft.

14 thoughts on “My WIP is RIP v.2

  1. Kathy Mayer says:

    Fantastic, Betty! I loved your two previous historical romance novels and look forward to “Courage” later this year!

    • Elizabeth Meyette says:

      Thanks, Kathy. This story has been playing in my mind since 2012 and my characters are anxious to have their story told.

  2. Susanne Matthews says:

    I’ve shelved a book because I couldn’t get a critical scene right. At the moment it’s on hold while I finish something else. Hopefully, I will get to it soon. Congrats on tough choices.

    I had a book edited professionally that needed big time work, so i certainly share your pain there!

    • Elizabeth Meyette says:

      Letting plots, scenes, ideas simmer in our unconscious is so healthy, isn’t it, Susanne? Rather like trying to recall someone’s name and the harder you try the less chance you can remember it. Then at 2 a.m. you sit up in bed and blurt out the name LOL.

  3. I love your positive attitude and how you didn’t let a setback bring you down – you made lemonade! 😀 So happy Buried Secrets will get another chance, eventually. I loved Cavanaugh House and I am sure I’d enjoy the sequel.

  4. Nice article! Just shows what a process writing is. Do we ever achieve perfection? Maybe not, maybe so, we just have to keep working at it to achieve it.

    I’m super excited about your audio!! Keep us posted.

    • Elizabeth Meyette says:

      Perfection is over-rated, right? LOL It’s often the journey more than the destination that I enjoy. I am excited about my audiobook, too. I will definitely keep you posted. Thanks for stopping by, Daco!

  5. Hi Elizabeth. I’m so pleased to hear that burying Buried Secrets has resulted in not one but two Resurrections. Also the prospect that Buried Secrets may be unearthed one day is good news. As for writing struggles – I am so often in the midst of one or another of those. The current quandary involves resurrection as well – of a previously Trad published book with rights now reverted to me. My ambition – which was perhaps overly ambitious – is a re-imagination of that old and flawed story into my current Riverton Romantic Suspense series. For a while the outcome was too much of a mash-up. Now I’m going back through it again to make the combo work and I actually believe it will this time. But it has been a challenge for sure. When I have this current go-through finished there should be only four or five chapters left to THE END. Please cross fingers and knock wood and send kind wishes for me to exit this process as one still whole and un-mashed author. Thanks and Blessings. Alice

    • Elizabeth Meyette says:

      I am sending prayers and positive energy your way, Alice. Any addition you can make to your Riverton Road series is great. I love that series! Thanks for your kind and affirming words.

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