BURIED SECRETS is Now Available as an Audiobook

I recently saw a Facebook post that asked readers, “Do you prefer to read an ebook or a REAL book?” Okay, editorializing aside, this question is valid. Often, readers tell me they just love the feel and the smell of a “real” book. Others like the convenience of an ebook.

For the purposes of this blog post, I’m going to use the term “print edition” in lieu of “real book” because I deem my ebooks to be as “real” as the print edition. And I would like to throw into the discussion the audiobook format, too. Take Buried Secrets, for example. My latest novel is now available in audiobook.

I am an auditory learner. Visual cues, say a billboard or Rich rearranging the room, can stand before me, and I might not notice. But once I hear something, especially if put to music, it imprints on my brain. Perhaps that is why audiobooks are so appealing to me.

Once again, narrator Amy McFadden has brought the world of Jesse Graham to life in Buried Secrets. Her interpretation of my characters is spot-on, and listening to her tell my story is magic.

Listening to a good audiobook is a great motivator for me to go to the gym. After February 2, who has the motivation to lace up running shoes and head to Planet Fitness? Not me. But if my reward is the next chapter in a good mystery, suddenly I can’t wait to hit the treadmill.

Bottom line is, no matter which format you prefer, print, ebook, or audiobook, fill 2017 with good books.

Buried Secrets is available in all three editions on Amazon.

You can download the audiobook version of Buried Secrets at iTunes.com or Audible.com


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