Love’s Destiny: Book One in The Brentwood Saga Is On Sale for 99 Cents




Just in time for Valentine’s Day, my publisher, Crimson Romance/Simon & Schuster has put my first book, Love’s Destiny on sale for 99 cents. When I wrote this book, I didn’t know there would be a trilogy called The Brentwood Saga. My dream was to simply publish Emily and Jonathon’s beautiful love story.




I thought the story was finished with their HEA, but no, there were some loose ends, and we needed a sequel. Enter Love’s Spirit. Danger heats up for both Emily and Jonathon in the second book, and when it was finished, I thought that was “the end.” 






But Emily’s younger brother, Andrew, fell in love during Love’s Spirit, and he and Jenny came to me and said, “Hey, what about our love story?” So Love’s Courage was born. And I was glad, because I missed having them around. Now you can have them around, too 



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