How RWA Helped Me Overcome My “Romance Writer” Embarrassment

I kept the fact that I’d written a romance novel secret for thirty years. Rich and the kids knew, but few others. I especially didn’t want to tell my colleagues in the English Department. For goodness sake, they taught the classics. In fact, so did I. To admit I was a romance writer would have Read More

Patricia Kiyono Offers an Inside Look at How Authors Collaborate to Write a Series

Today I welcome a guest post by Patricia Kiyono. The Road to Escape by Patricia Kiyono Book One in The Escape Reunion Series, a multi-author project A Group Effort When my publisher put out a call for authors willing to work on a multi-author project, I immediately jumped on board. And since I was the Read More

Where Does P.L. Klein Find Inspiration for Her Books? Everywhere.

When I am with P. L. and Sally, I know I’m in for a great time. Not only are they fun, P.L. is a prolific author, and her diverse genres offer something for everyone. Welcome, P.L. Please tell us a little about yourself I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, retired banker, freelance artist, community volunteer, photographer, Read More


When Did You Know You Were a Writer?

At a recent book signing, I was asked, “When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?” I was stumped, as I am whenever I’m asked that question. Other authors seem to know, almost to the exact moment, saying “Oh, I was riding my tricycle, and the plot for my first piece of Read More

Kingsley Manor

Enjoy Two Regency Romances in Kingsley Manor by Amanda Shalaby

Amanda Shalaby and I have been Crimson Romance “sisters” since our first books were published one month apart. Like childhood friends, authors who debuted with me will always have a special place in my heart. Welcome, Amanda. Tell us about the book you’ve written. Kingsley Manor: The Complete Series is a neat little package of Read More