Linda Sienkiewicz Tackles a Devastating Secret in Her Novel IN THE CONTEXT OF LOVE

When I met Linda Sienkiewicz at the Great Lakes Book Bash, we became instant author friends. Hearing about the powerful book she’d written, I had to invite her to share it on my blog. Welcome, Linda! What was the first seed of an idea you had for your book? How did it develop? In the Read More

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A Not-Quite Deleted Scene in Love’s Courage

What could be more dramatic than a scene in which a spy’s message is hidden in a loaf of bread? This happened during World War II, why not during the American Revolution?  And what if, as the message was being exchanged, a soldier from the opposing army appeared? I loved drafting this scene. But, alas, Read More


Who Was the Woman Embroiled in the World of Spies, Intrigue, and Passion?

Becky Lower, author of The Cotillion Ball series, published this post on her blog, History Imagined  a while back. She graciously allowed me to repost it here. It’s a perfect explanation of the world in which Jenny and Andrew find themselves in  Love’s Courage. Any fan of AMC’s TURN will recognize who Becky is talking about. Read More

Buried Deep in Our Hearts: A Novel About Losing a Cherished Pet

Anyone who has lost a pet knows the emptiness and grief that follows. Turning her research into a fictional story, author Tracie Barton-Barrett offers an source of solace to pet owners. I’m so pleased to welcome Tracie to my blog today. Please tell us a little about yourself. As a mid-Michigan native and a life-long animal Read More

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The Next Installment of Love’s Courage

This is the third installment of a Sneak Peek at Love’s Courage. If you missed the first two, you can read them here: First Excerpt and Second Excerpt.   “Shite!” Blurting out “Sorry,” and “Pardon me,” Andrew Wentworth pushed and shoved at the porters, sailors, and merchants who blocked his way as he sprinted along the wharf. Read More