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Help Me Name a Character

I’d like to introduce you to that British officer over there, but I don’t know his name…because you haven’t named him yet! Most of the time, characters introduce themselves when they first whisper to me. Jesse Graham told me her name right off the bat, and little did I know it would be the source of Read More

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Poet Larry Levy Shares Insights and Poems from His Latest Book ALL THE DEAD ARE HOLY

When Larry Levy reads his poetry, I am transported into the ambiance of the time and place he reveals through his words. Larry has been a friend and mentor for many years, and I am honored to have him as my guest today. Welcome Larry. How do your poems arrive? An image? A memory? A bit Read More


“One Little Word” for Maui: Unencumbered

I’m the kind of person who carries my iPhone with me everywhere…yes, everywhere. On the rare occasion that I drive off leaving my device on the kitchen table, I feel an overwhelming anxiety, and I ask myself, “How did we live without our cell phones?’ Then I chastise myself for drinking the Kool-Aid of technology. We Read More


Writer’s Life: Balancing the Conflict You Write with the Conflict You Live

Author and poet Leslie Garcia knows a thing or two about conflict. Facing numerous challenges throughout the past year, she talks about the struggles writers face in balancing fictional conflict with real-life struggles. I am so please to welcome Leslie to my blog today. Elizabeth, thanks for inviting me back to visit. I always enjoy coming, Read More

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Marketing & Publicity that Works (Notes from an Editor)

by Parul Macdonald (ed. note) That feeling you get when you meet someone who energizes and inspires you. That’s what I felt when I met Parul Macdonald at the DBW (Digital Book World) Conference in New York City in January.  Welcome, Parul. I am so pleased you are my guest today. It was around 2009, I was Read More