Loves Destiny Ad - February 2018

Love’s Destiny: Book One in The Brentwood Saga Is On Sale for 99 Cents

      Just in time for Valentine’s Day, my publisher, Crimson Romance/Simon & Schuster has put my first book, Love’s Destiny on sale for 99 cents. When I wrote this book, I didn’t know there would be a trilogy called The Brentwood Saga. My dream was to simply publish Emily and Jonathon’s beautiful love Read More


Showing Characters Who’s in Charge (Hint: They Are) Part 2

As I told you in my previous post, I had to have a sit-down with Jenny Sutton to talk about how she was behaving. She had changed from brave and intrepid Jenny in Love’s Spirit to cry-baby, poor-me Jenny in Love’s Courage. Once we straightened that out and I did what she told me to Read More


Showing Characters Who’s Boss (Hint: They Are)

Characters do not appear to me fully formed like Athena springing from the head of Zeus. Even characters that I’ve written into previous books can give me a bit of a go before they settle down. Take Jenny Sutton. We meet Jenny in Love’s Spirit, book two of The Brentwood Saga. She is feisty and Read More


Love’s Courage Has Arrived!

When my books are published, I get a sense of freedom from my characters. They are finally alive within their story, moving about, living, suffering, loving, and celebrating triumph. This week, with the publication of Love’s Courage,  I can feel Jenny and Andrew free from the bonds of drafting and revision. They are sighing, saying Read More


My “One Little Word” for 2018: BALANCE

In a Super Soul Session, Elizabeth Gilbert talks about hummingbirds and jackhammers. My friend Lisa is a hummingbird. I so admire her curiosity and willingness to try new things. Conversations with Lisa are like a feast as she tells me about the books she’s reading and the myriad activities she’s involved in. She, like a Read More