When Did You Know You Were a Writer?

At a recent book signing, I was asked, “When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?” I was stumped, as I am whenever I’m asked that question. Other authors seem to know, almost to the exact moment, saying “Oh, I was riding my tricycle, and the plot for my first piece of Read More

Kingsley Manor

Enjoy Two Regency Romances in Kingsley Manor by Amanda Shalaby

Amanda Shalaby and I have been Crimson Romance “sisters” since our first books were published one month apart. Like childhood friends, authors who debuted with me will always have a special place in my heart. Welcome, Amanda. Tell us about the book you’ve written. Kingsley Manor: The Complete Series is a neat little package of Read More


5 Sentences That Need Your Help

I bared my soul two weeks ago when I divulged my overuse of the word “eyes” in my manuscript for Love’s Courage. Well, after receiving excellent responses from my beta readers, I have even more dirty (writing) secrets to air. I flirt with purple prose by using an emotion (or sometimes an odor) as the Read More

Slopeside bundle

From Research to Steamy Love Scenes, Angela Smith Loves the Writer’s Life

Angela Smith has been following her writerly path since childhood, and she loves every aspect of the journey. Welcome, Angela. Please tell us a little about yourself. Thank you so much for having me on your blog! I work full time as a paralegal and office manager of the District Attorney’s Office. I own small Read More


The Eyes Have It: Ironing Out My Revisions

You’ve heard of the term “leg man,” and many women seem to notice men’s butts. Yes, I’m being very sexist here, however, I believe I now have your interest, and my previous first paragraph (see below) was much less stimulating. Thesis: All authors have certain body parts that capture their attention. When I finished my Read More