Read an Excerpt from LOVE’S COURAGE

I am so excited to share an excerpt from the opening scene of Love’s Courage with you. It’s the third book in The Brentwood Saga, which includes Love’s Destiny and Love’s Spirit.   Genre: Historical Saga, Women’s Fiction Publisher: Boris Publishing Pre-Order Date: October 18, 2017 Release Date: January 9, 2018         Read More


Cover Reveal: Love’s Courage: Book Three in The Brentwood Saga

I am so excited to share the beautiful cover of my latest book, Love’s Courage: Book Three in The Brentwood Saga. Designed by Steven Novak, this cover captures the romance of Jenny Sutton and Andrew Wentworth and the danger in their lives as they become involved in George Washington’s citizen spy network. If you like Read More


How RWA Helped Me Overcome My “Romance Writer” Embarrassment

I kept the fact that I’d written a romance novel secret for thirty years. Rich and the kids knew, but few others. I especially didn’t want to tell my colleagues in the English Department. For goodness sake, they taught the classics. In fact, so did I. To admit I was a romance writer would have Read More

Kingsley Manor

Enjoy Two Regency Romances in Kingsley Manor by Amanda Shalaby

Amanda Shalaby and I have been Crimson Romance “sisters” since our first books were published one month apart. Like childhood friends, authors who debuted with me will always have a special place in my heart. Welcome, Amanda. Tell us about the book you’ve written. Kingsley Manor: The Complete Series is a neat little package of Read More


5 Sentences That Need Your Help

I bared my soul two weeks ago when I divulged my overuse of the word “eyes” in my manuscript for Love’s Courage. Well, after receiving excellent responses from my beta readers, I have even more dirty (writing) secrets to air. I flirt with purple prose by using an emotion (or sometimes an odor) as the Read More