Five Take-Aways After My Writerly Weekend (Pardon My Tantrum)

Picture 12 women in a room and no one is talking. Silence. And it wasn’t a prayer service or a silent retreat. Hard to imagine? Not if these women are writers participating in a weekend write-in. Okay, in our minds, some of us were talking with our characters. Some of us even might have been Read More


Michael Carrier Writes Hardboiled Thrillers Set in Northern Michigan

I’m always intrigued by my guests’ bios and backgrounds because I know how experience influences what we write. Michael’s fascinating background could be an Amazon Prime series. Welcome, Michael. How has writing this book changed you? I don’t think that this book changed me. At least, that’s what I’d like to think. For me, writing Read More


How RWA Helped Me Overcome My “Romance Writer” Embarrassment

I kept the fact that I’d written a romance novel secret for thirty years. Rich and the kids knew, but few others. I especially didn’t want to tell my colleagues in the English Department. For goodness sake, they taught the classics. In fact, so did I. To admit I was a romance writer would have Read More

Patricia Kiyono Offers an Inside Look at How Authors Collaborate to Write a Series

Today I welcome a guest post by Patricia Kiyono. The Road to Escape by Patricia Kiyono Book One in The Escape Reunion Series, a multi-author project A Group Effort When my publisher put out a call for authors willing to work on a multi-author project, I immediately jumped on board. And since I was the Read More

Where Does P.L. Klein Find Inspiration for Her Books? Everywhere.

When I am with P. L. and Sally, I know I’m in for a great time. Not only are they fun, P.L. is a prolific author, and her diverse genres offer something for everyone. Welcome, P.L. Please tell us a little about yourself I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, retired banker, freelance artist, community volunteer, photographer, Read More