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  1. eBookDaily says:

    Dear Elizabeth,

    ‘Buried Secrets’ is highlighted today ($0.99) on and in the Bargain newsletter.

    I would greatly appreciate if you mention this promotion on social media and/or link to it on your Website. Each deal on eBookDaily has a dedicated Author Promotion Page with one-click links to promote on your Facebook page or Twitter feed:

    On Facebook the special links will show the cover of your book.


    Submit your eBook at

    • Elizabeth Meyette says:

      Thanks for contacting me and for promoting Buried Secrets on your site and in your newsletter. I will post on both Facebook and Twitter with the link to your site. I appreciate your support!

  2. Elizabeth Meyette-Hodgin says:

    Hi Elizabeth,
    My name is also Elizabeth Meyette (maiden name). In all honesty, I was googling my name to see what would pop up. I do this regularly to check on digital footprints and the sharing of my personal information. When your website popped up in my search, I was intrigued since it’s never come up before. As I saw that you and your husband are from western Michigan, I couldn’t help but wonder if there is a family connection. My dads family originated from western Michigan – New Era and surrounding, with many relatives still in that area. I grew up in SE MI, my fathers parents relocated there from western MI. I hope that this note finds you and your family doing well. It would be interesting to learn if there is any family connection. Would love to hear from you. All the best,

    • Elizabeth Meyette says:

      What a wonderful coincidence, Elizabeth Meyette 🙂 I’m sure there must be a family connection there somewhere. I’m so glad you reached out 🙂 Saying hello to Elizabeth Meyette is a bit surreal, isn’t it? LOL

  3. Erica Kane says:

    Dear Elizabeth Meyette,

    We came across The Brentwood Saga on Amazon and were wondering if you would be interested in marketing it to our community of readers. Our e-mail newsletter, facebook post, and website reach more than 50,000 readers a day. One of our main selling points is that we have a global audience. Unlike many other book promotion sites, BookRunes links out to the Amazon UK store, Australia, and India as well as the U.S. An ebook feature is only $25, and Teen & Young Adult is one of our most popular categories. Please let us know if you would be interested! You can submit a feature through our website at bookrunes(dot)com.

    Thank you!
    Erica Kane at BookRunes

    Promoting The Brentwood Saga on BookRunes

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