The Writer as Juggler

The Writer as Juggler

I used to dream about my life as a writer as I was marking
up student essays up with my red pen. Sitting beside an open window, the
white, lace curtain gently blowing on the zephyr, ideas flowing from my brain,
through my pen onto my paper. Readers would barrage me with requests for more,
More, MORE of my inspiring, captivating narratives. Ah, yes, the life of a

Well, I don’t have lace curtains. That should have been a
clue. And ideas don’t always flow from my brain through my pen to my paper. And
those readers…actually, they have been great!

What I have found since I changed careers from teaching to
writing is that a writer is a juggler. We juggle writing time, marketing (aka
shameless self-promotion), bookkeeping, reading, writing reviews, and keeping
up with social media (our Website, our Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in,
Pinterest, and many more). Think of these as different colored balls that we
attempt to keep flying through the air. Oh, I forgot jobs and family—toss those
up there, too.

The secret formula to a perfect schedule that will meld all
of these responsibilities into an easily manageable whole still eludes me. As
any author will tell you, if you want to write, you must read, so I am trying
to carve out an afternoon reading time. But marketing and keeping current are
important, too. I tried keeping social media to specific days (did I just hear
you spurt your coffee out of your nose?) but once you get behind, it’s a
Herculean task to catch up. So how to divvy up your day and attend to each
task. Oh, and don’t forget about writing!

How do you handle the myriad responsibilities of a writer? Help me
out here!


2 thoughts on “The Writer as Juggler

  1. I understand only too well your dilemma, Betty. I think it best if we aspire to do a little bit of everything, and then, when the actual writing/editing is a must, hit that hard and give up on all else. When the book is off to the powers that be, we can do massive catch-up and start the cycle all over again. Maddening, but then, remember… we're published. 🙂

    • You are always so positive, Deborah! I have to admit, I enjoy every aspect of the writing life, even editing! I do have times when I just focus on writing and let everything else go. I just sent my ms for Love's Spirit to Jennifer and I'm waiting to hear if she likes it. Every day I offer a prayer of gratitude because I have such a wonderful life!

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