Waiting for the White Smoke

Like Roman Catholics around the world, I am waiting
for the white smoke that signals the election of a new pope. I wait in hope
mixed with resignation. I believe that the Holy Spirit works in everything and
will work in this, but I believe we humans often block her.  Thus the reason why my hope is mingled with
resignation that politics and posturing will play a part in this process.
Here is my Litany of Hope:
May our church be a church of inclusion where ALL
people are accepted and respected.
May our church recognize the gifts of ministry alive
in all people and finally begin to ordain both women and men, married or single.
May our church NEVER deny the horror and suffering
of the Holocaust.
May our church recognize that our humanness has
bound God into an image of a judging father, and instead allow our vision of Creator
to be boundless Love beyond our comprehension yet dwelling within.
May our church be ecumenical rather than exclusive.
May our church teach us that the Kingdom of God is
at hand and so we live in Christ every moment of the day not in a holding
pattern waiting for “heaven”.
May our church be led by men and women who are not surrounded by wealth and power, but who live
among ordinary people and understand the issues of ordinary people and thus
become more relevant.
May our church stop closing the windows opened
during the Second Vatican Council and stop this trend pulling us back into a
church of the Middle Ages.
May our church make all those involved in the abuse
scandal accountable for their actions and end forever the concept that puts
clergy in positions of absolute power.
May our church become relevant to youth.
I suppose I could go on and on, but these are some
of the hopes I have for our church.  I
pray that the cardinals will be guided by the Holy Spirit, surrounded by the
angels and the communion of saints, and set egos and politics aside so the
Catholic Church can emerge from this dark time, be a church for ALL people, and
live in the Light.
What are your hopes for the church?

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