Review: Ghost Gifts by Laura Spinella

Ghost GiftsGhost Gifts by Laura Spinella
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just like when I finished reading Water for Elephants, I wanted to go back and read the first chapter of Ghost Gifts when I finished it. This story weaves the tale of a missing girl’s murder twenty years earlier with Aubrey Ellis’s gift as a psychic, and a romance that was meant to be. When Missy Flannigan’s remains are discovered buried in the basement wall in small town Surrey, MA, Aubrey is called upon to cover the story for the Surrey City Press. Given her ability to communicate with ghosts, and the fact that she would work side by side with aloof, intense Levi St. John, Aubrey resists being assigned to the story. But her editor insists she cover it, and it is not Missy’s ghost who pesters Aubrey. This is the kind of book I can’t put down, and when I must, I can’t wait to get back to it. I loved that Ms. Spinella’s characters weren’t perfect. I loved her treatment of the ghosts who appear in the story. I love her ability create characters who play before me like holograms. A Great Read!

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