Not My Usual Blog Post

Today I won’t tell you about my upcoming book release as I’d planned. Today I won’t talk about the joy of writing. Because today my heart is broken.

The recent fury of nature in hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria shook many of us to our core—especially if you were in one, or  had loved ones in the paths of those storms. The hatred displayed in Charlottesville stunned us. The division in our country is demoralizing and depressing regardless of which side you’re on. The poor people of Puerto Rico and other Carribean Islands are destitute. Even the mountains are crumbling, and doesn’t that shake us to our core? The shooting in Las Vegas piles grief upon our grief.

So, what I offer you this week is this, Rich’s Tuesday post on his blog. I hope it brings you some comfort. It does me.




6 thoughts on “Not My Usual Blog Post

  1. Lucy Kubash says:

    It’s the one thing we have to hold onto in this time that seems so terrible. Today, I was thinking how people who lived in other centuries even must have often felt they were living in the worst of times. “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” Words written so long ago about a terrible time. I’m not sure it’s any consolation, but to know that humanity somehow still managed to hang on and go forward has some worth.

  2. Elizabeth Meyette says:

    You’re right, Lucy. Every age had their terrible struggles and got through them. We have to keep the faith and spread the Light.

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