“Truly inspirational. I loved the examples for each tip.” ~ Conference attendee Aspiring Writers of America Conference 2015

“Very well organized–nice informal feel with very approachable people and topic.” ~Conference attendee MidMichigan Writers Conference 2014


Breathing Life into Your Fiction

Do your characters step off the page and into your readers’ hearts? Does every scene breathe tension? Suspense? Romance? Delight? Elizabeth discusses strategies that take your book from mediocre to page-turning.

Does Your Hero Wear Whitey-tighties?

Details are important! Do you know your characters well enough to know what kind of underwear fits their style? Writing backstory and interviewing your characters are just two of the methods discussed in this presentation.

So You Want to Publish Your Book?

Is that manuscript gathering dust on your closet shelf? Have you even begun to write it? If so, you have decisions to make from what to include in your query letter to whether or not to self-publish. Elizabeth walks you through some basic strategies and options to get your book published.

So You Want to Start a Blog?

Looking for an opportunity to share your expertise, knowledge or just ideas about a topic? A blog is just the thing for you. Whether you’re a writer, crafter, artist, parent, teacher, or tightrope walker, you have important information to share. Elizabeth presents the basics to getting your blog up and running today!

A Writer’s Life (Keynote Address)

Why have we chosen this crazy lifestyle of secluding ourselves with disembodied characters who boss us around and tell us what to write? Only another writer would understand. Elizabeth talks about the obstacles, challenges, and rewards of being a writer.

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